Dutch Pirate Party program 2021 in brief

The Pirate Party stands for a free democracy in which all the knowledge, art and culture that humanity has produced is readily available to everyone. The corona crisis shows how important it is to share knowledge in freedom. We would rather invest in good public facilities, such as testing capacity, source and contact research, and sufficient health care personnel, than curtail civil rights and freedoms. We start from trust in people, and have a healthy distrust of concentrations of power in governments and companies. In a free information society, we make the wisest choices together.

Key points

Civil Rights

Civil rights guarantee personal freedoms and protect citizens from arbitrariness by governments or corporations. Civil rights are the foundations of our movement. Making concessions to civil rights means making concessions to the foundations of democracy. As the Pirate Party we always test all our actions against these basic civil rights.


An open and transparent government is a basic condition for a good democracy. Only when citizens can question the functioning of its government and when they can control it is good popular representation possible.


Democracy is having a say and making decisions about our society. In a democracy everyone has a voice and is heard. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. In this way, we utilize all the knowledge, experience and expertise in our society.

Freedom of Information

Free access to information, knowledge and culture is a prerequisite for the social, technological and economic development of our society. The current copyright and patent laws create information monopolies that only benefit large corporations, are an obstacle to this access. We therefore want to thoroughly reform these laws.



The Pirate Party wants to protect small entrepreneurs from concentrations of power by governments and large corporations. Where the government demands information from SME entrepreneurs, it should offer the software needed to do so open source and for free.

Unconditional Basic Income

With a basic income everyone benefits from technological progress. This simplification of social security makes bureaucracy and controls unnecessary, so that every euro reaches the people who need it. It is also more robust, so that it also works in times of crisis. The economic security that this provides stimulates entrepreneurship and makes the economy resilient and resistant.


The Pirate Party stands for contribute fairly. If we raise taxes on hoarding money and depleting the planet, we can lowan inclusive economy with development opportunities for all. In today's economy, large corporations with a lot of market power call the shots. Promoting a level playing field with the effective competition standard will increase prosperity for all. A resilient and resilient economy starts with economic security. We want economic policies that focus on welfare for all.


With fair taxation, we can create more shared prosperity. The Pirate Party wants multinationals to contribute fairly. If we raise taxes on hoarding money and depleting the planet, we can lower taxes on labor. In this way we ensure that labor pays and we stimulate sustainable development of the economy.


Healthcare is not a market. It is a basic right. Good care and medicines should therefore be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We focus on the well-being and self-determination of patients and care providers. We want to take back control of youth care and (youth) mental health care. Privacy by design and open source will become the standard for healthcare data. If we rely more on the intrinsic motivation and expertise of professionals, we can eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and controls.


Security is a core function of government. The Pirate Party wants to improve security by strengthening civil rights. An immediate end to the 'war on drugs' will free up capacity in the police, the judiciary and the prison system. We want to split the 'mega-ministry' of Justice and Security; and to focus on de-escalation and violence training for the police.

A sensible drug policy

The fight against drugs does more damage than the substances themselves. If we can deal well with one of the most harmful drugs, alcohol, then it should be possible with other substances as well. The Pirate Party wants a more rational and humane drug policy, legalisation of cannabis, and other drugs decriminalized and regulated.

Minister of Digital Affairs

The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities for interactive policy making. The Pirate Party wants ICT knowledge to be taken into account in all decision-making. Also directly in the council of ministers.


Our quality of life depends on natural resources, such as clean water, air, soil and food. The Pirate Party wants sustainable and healthy food production for everyone, now and in the future. Therefore, we do not want to consume natural resources faster than the earth produces them. That requires an energy infrastructure, without monopolies and without harming other environmental goals. The Pirate Party wants the last word in the energy transition to be held not by large corporations, but by residents.


Pirates go wherever they want. Therefore, we do not want to limit transportation options, but rather commit to accessible, transparent, and affordable public transportation.

European Union

The Pirate Party is an international movement, active in all inhabited continents. We like to work together internationally on the basis of transparent and democratic values. Therefore, the Pirate Party wants a transparent and democratic Europe, which focuses on the common interests of all people in Europe, with a stronger competition policy.

International Trade

Unfair trade agreements, such as TTIP, CETA and TiSA, favour multinationals at the expense of consumers and SMEs. The Pirate Party wants to give SMEs a fair chance through fair trade treaties, which are based on human rights and sustainable development and which are democratically established.


The Pirate Party wants to pay special attention to the stabilization of conflict hotspots and fragile states, as their instability is a source of problems for the entire international community. Conflict resolution must be based on respect for international law, which is the basis for a peaceful international community.

Development Cooperation

The Pirate Party wants development aid to strengthen the position of people everywhere in the world. That is why we no longer want to exploit 'intellectual property', but want to exchange knowledge freely and on equal terms. In this way we can make local economies more independent and decisive. We no longer want to disadvantage developing countries through unfair trade treaties, but want to give them a fair chance through fair trade.


The Pirate Party wants to tackle the causes that make people have to flee. When people do have to flee, we take human dignity as our starting point. The Pirate Party wants a common European immigration policy. This provides legal opportunities for migrants, so that they are no longer mixed up with refugees. In this way we can combat human smuggling and shorten the waiting period.


Accessibility of information, knowledge and culture is a prerequisite for the social, technological and economic development of our society. The Pirate Party wants to thoroughly reform copyright law, so that the copyright industry is put out of business and copyright serves creators and consumers.


A high-quality democracy needs good education to make well informed choices. Good education shares materials and respects privacy. The Pirate Party wants all pupils and students to be exposed to different views and aspects of society during their schooling.


Government and market participants influence the course of science by funding each research project. These dependencies often turn out to drive and censor outcomes. Universities need sufficient permanent funding and permanent staff to ensure independence and quality. The Pirate Party wants the results of scientific research to be freely accessible.

Rights of sex workers

Sex work is work. The Pirate Party wants to switch to the New Zealand model. So, among other things, scrap all specific sex work regulations and treat the sector like any other service sector. The Pirate Party wants to involve the sector in regulation and complete decriminalization.


The landlord levy is exacerbating the housing shortage. The housing market is locked in. The Pirate Party wants more affordable housing. We will abolish the landlord charge and the upper limit of the points system.


Pirates dare to look further into the future and we support research and funding for projects that will lead to new technology and insights that will benefit all of humanity. The Pirate Party wants all organizations that contribute to space to make their acquired knowledge available to everyone.

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