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Welcome to the PirateIRC network.

This server is operated on behalf of the Pirate Party of Finland for the benefit of all global Pirate Parties.

More information is available here: and here:

Please note that despite the name this is an IRC network for political parties and this IRC network does NOT advocate “pirating” software. This network is for legal discussions and chat only. If you wish to contact the network administrators to report any illegal activity please email:

The PirateIRC Network will comply fully with any regional laws.

Please note that the following are still forbidden on this IRC network: * Sharing media you do not have the legal permission to do so * Arranging any form of attacks or raids on other networks * Any form of harassment or abuse

By registering or identifying with NickServ you consent to some of your personal information being stored and processed by the Network. Details here:

If you do not agree with these terms please disconnect now.

* * *

Unless you are already familiar with Ergo, we recommend you to read our quickstart at

TL;DR: Use SASL to login, add `@whatever` to your username where `whatever` is how you recognise your client for serverside scrollback.
Legacy client without SASL? Set server PASSword to account@whatever:password

SASL instructions:

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