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Trello import

Import scope

Currently, the script imports all cards from a single board, including their list (column) membership, names, and descriptions.


This node app converts a Trello .json archive into a .boardarchive file.

  1. From the Trello Board Menu, select …Show Menu.
  2. Select More > Print and Export > Export to JSON.
  3. Save the generated file locally, e.g. to trello.json.
  4. *The install part
  5. *Conversion part
  6. In Boards, open the board you want to use for the export.
  7. Select Settings > Import archive and select archive.boardarchive.
  8. Select Upload.
  9. Return to your board and confirm that your Trello data is now displaying.

*Install part

npm is the package manager for Node.js and the JavaScript coding language.

  1. Open a terminal window on your local machine and clone the focalboard repository to a local directory, e.g. to focalboard: git clone focalboard
  2. Navigate to focalboard/webapp.
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Change directory to focalboard/import/trello.
  5. Run npm install.

*Conversion part

  1. From within the same folder, run npx ts-node importTrello.ts -i <path-to-trello.json> -o archive.boardarchive.
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